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Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc.

Medical and Laboratory Cold Storage Solutions

For all your critical needs, you can depend on Bally for:

  • Whole Blood Storage
  • Blood Plasma Storage (Fresh or Frozen)
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Vaccine Storage
  • Medicine Storage
  • Cryoprecipitate Components
  • Mortuary Coolers
  • Hazardous and Biomedical Waste

Blood Storage







How safe are the assets in your blood bank?
Be sure with Blood Storage Coolers and Freezers from Bally.

  • Check out our new RefriLogicTM by BMIL - the true Lead-Lag refrigeration system controller, including our exclusive MAXcoolingTM  feature.
  • Alternate between two or three redundant refrigeration systems in Lead-Lag or Round-Robin modes.
  • Enable MAXcoolingTM  to handle unexpected high loads.
  • Digital temperature readout with temperature alarms, door ajar alarm and refrigeration leak detector alarm.
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When you store human blood and its components, there's no room for error. Red cells and whole blood, for instance, must be maintained strictly within the range of 1-6 degrees C, with zero tolerance for exceptions. If temperatures pass outside that range, the stored blood can't be transfused-it's as simple as that.

A Bally blood cooler or freezer is engineered to meet the unyielding demands of blood center work. It's assembled of steel- or aluminum- skinned panels that are easily kept hospital-clean and sanitary. Our units are sturdy and convenient; you can choose a size exactly tailored to your needs and equip it with the ideal combination of access and display doors.

Most important, your Bally unit will hold the cold reliably. For blood bank installations, we can provide independent primary and secondary refrigeration systems, all but eliminating the chance of a service interruption. In the remote possibility that both systems should malfunction, superb poured-foam insulation in the walls provides an extra measure of safety. As long as the doors are closed, Bally coolers and freezers can maintain proper temperatures for many hours, even if refrigeration systems fail or power is lost. Our units may be equipped with multiple monitoring systems and alarms, including visual, audible and remote-notification types.

The blood you store is nothing less than life to those who need it. It's the faith and goodwill of your donors and the community you serve. It's the whole reason for your facility to exist, and it must be reliably protected. That's why your refrigeration equipment must be foolproof and fail-safe. That's why it should be Bally.

Be sure with these important benefits:

  • Bally blood coolers and freezers can be installed with independent backup refrigeration systems; coupled with your building's generator, this arrangement virtually eliminates the possibility of service interruption.

  • Four-inch-thick poured-foam urethane insulation provides a sure barrier against the transmission of heat so much so that a Bally unit can continue to hold temperature for hours even if the refrigeration systems are not functioning (and the doors are kept closed). The quality of the insulation also makes our coolers and freezers economical to operate.

  • Because our coolers and freezers are assembled from modular panels, you can build them to the exact size you need. Modular construction also means you can put them exactly where you want them. If your needs change, add or remove panels to get the right size unit. And if you must move your structure, just disassemble the panels and put them together again at the new location.

  • You can equip your Bally unit with the access and display doors you need to handle stored blood most efficiently. Heaters in the door jambs and caps prevent freeze-ups and keep glass doors clear.

  • Every Bally blood storage unit is equipped with custom security and monitoring equipment according to requirements of the installation. Specify any of a number of alarm systems, including visual, audible and auto-dialing remote-notification models.

  • Our panels are provided with inside and outside surfaces of stainless steel or white-polyester finished steel or aluminum for easy care and sanitation.

  • Bally panels are listed by Underwriters' Laboratories and approved by Factory Mutual. They meet international standards for CFC reduction.

  • Panel construction is warranted for 10 years. Extended plans covering the complete refrigeration system are also available.









Also available from Bally are walk-ins for a wide range of hospital and medical uses, including lab coolers and freezers, morgue coolers, infectious waste storage structures, clean rooms and environmental chambers.

Bally Proven dependable.



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