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Northwind 500UR

Blast Chilling:

  • Quickly and thoroughly chills pre-cooked foods through the Danger-Zone (140�F to 45�F) temperatures.
  • Reduced time in Danger-Zone slows bacterial growth in food.
  • Reduced bacterial growth allows for increased storage life of food.
  • Three-Step Chilling process avoids freezing which can damage texture of food.
  • Preserves food flavor, texture and color - and there is no "refrigerated" taste!
  • Keeps freshness and quality at the just-prepared level.
  • Chills virtually all types of food products, from soups to steaks and chops.
  • Increases kitchen productivity and efficiency.
  • Helps meet new and stringent HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) requirements.
  • Highly efficient Laminar Air Flow design extracts maximum heat from the food with minimal refrigeration system requirements.

Danger-Zone Temperature Range

Danger-Zone (140�F to 45�F -- 60�C to 7.2�C)

Bally, a pioneer in refrigerated food storage, now focuses its expertise on quick chilling. The result is the Northwind 500UR and 1000UR-2 ... state-of-the-art equipment developed and designed to provide the highest levels of quality and dependability for your food-service operation.

The Bally Northwind is a versatile quick chiller. It operates efficiently, chilling fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, fish, pasta and even steaks, chops and chicken breasts. All food products are subject to microbial contamination and deterioration during the cook-and-chill process. Ideally, food products should move through the Danger-Zone as quickly as possible to minimize deterioration and retain product quality. The effectiveness of any quick-chill process depends directly on the reliability and performance of the equipment used.


Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow

Bally's design utilizes the maximum efficiency of Thermobalance Refrigeration Systems in conjunction with proven technology and engineering design -- controlling the vital air flow and temperature differential needed to cool the product.

Laminar Air Flow -- Using a bank of evaporators and an air plenum optimized to maximize air flow over the product, a key to being able to pull down the temperature of the product, very quickly. Sufficient room is provided to efficiently develop the air flow over the product; unlike other chillers which move air inefficiently resulting in uneven chilling of product (including freezing portions of product), longer chilling times, requiring larger refrigeration systems and higher operating costs.

BALLY Advanced Technology Refrigeration System

Refrigeration and Control System

Bally's Thermobalance and Advanced Technology Refrigeration Systems are designed specifically for this application. Using a 3 HP or 10 HP refrigeration system for the NW500UR and NW1000UR respectively, and a unique control panel, the cooling cycle is specifically controlled based on the product load and the need to move through the Danger-Zone.

The unique combination of maximum air flow, refrigeration system efficiency and control panel design result in a package that performs. When the hot food is first put into the Northwind Blast Chiller, the refrigeration system operates at the optimum BTU capacity to provide a quick chill-cycle, pulling the food temperature rapidly down to 140�F. As the product temperature enters the Danger-Zone, the control systems cycles the Northwind into the Deep-Chill mode. Maximum temperature differential is maintained to rush the product through the Danger-Zone and into the Safe-Zone. Once there, the control system cycles the refrigeration equipment to a holding temperature to assure a quality food product without allowing surface freezing or the formation of ice crystals inside the food.

Quick chilling times and product storage life are directly related to configuration and composition of the product, individual portion size, and containerization. In line with our policy of constantly striving to improve our products, the product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Bally Northwind 8P 8-pan Blast Under-Counter Blast Chiller
Bill Stompf and Northwind 8P Prototype

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