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Modular Air-Blast Freezers by Bally are the most economical and practical method of Blast Freezing most products.

  • Powerful Colmac Industrial Coils
    - Freon or NH3 - Electric or Water Defrost.
    - Variable Fin Spacing.
    - Copper/Aluminum Fin, Stainless Steel/Aluminum Fin,
          Galvanized Steel
    - High Static, High Efficiency Motors.

  • Efficient Bally Dual Compressor (Copeland Discus or Bitzer Two-Stage) Condensing Units, or Grasso Compressor Units.

  • 5" or 6" Thick Bally Pre-Engineered Insulated Panels.
    - Tough Speed-Loks Secured with Steel Straps.
    - Blast-Freezer Kits include Positive Latch and 3-Hinges,
          Additional Heat and Special Gaskets.
    - Proprietary Bally PVC Pressure Relief Port.
    - Interior Air Plenum and Baffles.

  • Single Door or Dual Door design available for First-In, First-Out



In order to properly design a PowerBlast to meet your requirements, we first obtain detailed information about your needs. We then size and optimize the refrigeration system needed to accomplish the task and build an insulated enclosure around the evaporator coil and product. If you have a fixed or limited amount of space, we can advise maximum amount of product that can be frozen within that space. Keep in mind that the greater the amount of product to freeze - in a shorter amount of time - will increase the size of the equipment and insulated enclosure required (sometimes the increase can be exponential). The following information is essential to quickly provide you with an accurate and competitive proposal.

  • Product - poultry, fish, beef, ice cream, etc.
  • Quantity - Lbs/Kgs per 24 hours or per 1 hour.
  • Product size/packaging - for example, 1" deep uncovered trays.
  • Incoming product temperature - in �F or �C.
  • Final product temperature - in �F or �C.
  • Time to freeze - shortest times increase equipment size and cost and is limited by how fast product is willing to give up its heat (depends on packaging, water content, airflow, etc).
  • Rate of production - based on single 8/16/24 hour work days.
  • Electrical characteristics - 50/60Hz, etc.


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